Aerospace and Defense

The Aerospace and Defense Industry faces the unique challenge of having to develop technologies capable of operating in extreme environments that can fluctuate rapidly and frequently. These adverse conditions can cause vital materials to behave abnormally and prematurely breakdown.  Precision analysis of critical materials improves your understanding and ensures safety and functionality.

Absolute Labs offers advanced analytical testing for novel materials and applications. We keep a watchful eye on emerging trends to make sure our tests reveal the most relevant data necessary for your manufacturing process and field applications. Whether your company produces the materials used in A&D fabrication, or are trying to ensure the quality of raw materials in the supply chain, Absolute Labs has a testing procedure for you.

Absolute Labs has provided technical and analytical services to traditional US and emerging Aerospace and Defense Industries for over 30 years. Our tests provide independent information with customizable analysis available to pinpoint your specific product or service needs. Our scientific expertise will provide you with a detailed breakdown of your sample composition, providing elemental, ionic, molecular and mechanical analyses to reveal even the most minute detail.

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Industry Specific Services

  • Contaminant identification
  • Analytical testing
  • Chemical analysis
  • Failure analysis
  • Quality control and assurance testing
  • Material composition