Arson Investigation

Do you need to identify  accelerants or flammable liquids on physical evidence obtained from an fire scene? Absolute Labs employs a variety of analytical chemistry techniques to quickly extract and profile trace accelerant residues for arson investigations. For time-sensitive analysis samples can be rush mailed directly to Absolute Labs using the following form (please place contents in sealed bag) or we can provide you with arson kits for sample collection and submission: click here.

Absolute Labs has been providing independent scientific analysis to arson scene investigators since 1984. Our professionalism, expertise and quick turnaround have been critical to numerous investigations and is what keeps our clients coming back.

If you have a sample ready for shipment please complete the following form, complete and submit with your samples. Or for novel or complex matters request a quote by clicking here and an analytical specialist will promptly review your project and contact you with the next steps.

Industry Specific Services

  • Identification of class 1 – 5 accelerants
  • Identification of flammable liquid products and commercial products
  • Chemical compound identification
  • Pyrolysis gas chromatography
  • Flash point testing
  • Burn rate testing
  • Thermal profile
  • Smoke product/byproduct identification
  • Scientific consultation
  • Forensics
  • Explosive residue analysis
  • Pyrophoric substance identification

Arson Kit

Arson sample submission form