Chemical Formulating

Do you need third-party testing to verify active ingredient concentrations? Or perhaps you want to maintain quality control and verify your suppliers are meeting internal specifications.

At Absolute Labs we know that you need an established and unbiased testing partner that can provide answers to your most difficult questions. Our analytical instrumentation and flexible services ensure that your chemical compounding materials, processes and applications meet your standards and avoid errors downstream.

Absolute Labs brings years of expertise as a leader in analytical chemistry, biology, failure analysis, and reverse engineering to help you make sure that new chemical blends and established formulations have the quality and characteristics ideal for your exact application. We provide elemental, ionic and molecular testing services. By leveraging Absolute Labs broad range of analytical testing equipment and proprietary know-how, you’ll gain invaluable insights into your chemical formulation process and end-user implementation.

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Industry Specific Services

  • Chemical analysis
  • Contaminant identification
  • Failure analysis
  • Quality control and assurance testing
  • Reverse engineering