Defects in raw materials, products, manufacturing processes and storage can cause major issues for end-users and applications. Understanding how and why these product failures occur often requires analytical data from an independent laboratory. By leveraging Absolute Lab’s broad range of analytical instrumentation, flexible testing services and years of expertise, you’ll gain invaluable insights into your manufacturing process, quality control, and defect origins. Request a quote now by clicking here and a specialist will review your case and respond to you promptly with next steps.

Premature failure of braided metal mesh and inner polymer tubing.

Industry Specific Services

  • Additive manufacturing (3D printing) resin composition and capabilities
  • Analytical testing
  • Chemical analysis
  • Contaminant identification
  • Failure analysis
  • Material composition
  • Material purity
  • Microscope photography
  • Mold injection alloy composition
  • Optical microscopy
  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Quantitative elemental analysis
  • Supply chain quality control and assurance
  • Supplier quality verification
  • Surface analysis and characterization