Micro-fungi are ubiquitous and a normal part of our ecology. Under the right environmental conditions fungal populations, including toxigenic mold types, proliferate leading to a vast array of mold-related issues. For over 30 years Absolute Labs has been providing environmental testing and consulting services for a wide variety of industry sectors impacted by mold. We have clients from around the nation and world, who have benefited from our scientific expertise.

If you require on-site mold detection and air quality assessments please request a quote by clicking here and a lab tech will contact you promptly or set up an on-site work order now by clicking here. Alternatively, provides self-directed individuals with access to a wide variety of mail-in environmental test kits and services, where mold samples are obtained using step-by-step instructions and sent directly to our microbiology lab for analysis.


  • Clean rooms and operating rooms
  • Due diligence mold survey
  • Hidden mold infestations in wall cavities
  • Hidden mold infestations in ceiling cavities
  • Indoor air quality
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Occupational safety
  • Post-remediation verification
  • Remediation protocol
  • Surface mold growth identification
  • Workplace safety