Radon is a radioactive gas that is a normal part of our environment and is found throughout North America. Exposure to elevated levels (>4.0 pCi/L) of radon is dangerous and should be mitigated. Because radon is odorless, colorless and tasteless special detection devices are required for measuring radon concentrations in indoor air. For over 30 years Absolute Labs has been providing onsite and remote radon testing services. We have clients from across North America who have benefited from our radon test kits. If you want to measure the concentration of radon in your domestic atmosphere please visit testittoday.com for highly accurate mail-in radon test kits.


  • Due diligence – radon measurement
  • Granite counter top radon emissions
  • Indoor air quality
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Occupational safety
  • Post-mitigation verification
  • Remediation protocol
  • School safety
  • Workplace safety