Real estate transactions require the due diligence process be completed thoroughly and efficiently. Having environmental samples obtained by an on-site technician and analyzed quickly can be costly and time-intensive. For this reason, Absolute Laboratories has developed a website for ordering mail-in environmental test kits and services. provides real estate agents, buyers, sellers and managers access to a variety of mail-in environmental test kits and services, where samples are obtained by materially-interested parties, using step-by-step instructions, and sent directly to Absolute Laboratories for analysis. saves time, money and provides powerful information quickly. Absolute Labs has been providing environmental testing services to the real estate sector for over 30 years. We have clients from around the nation and world, who have benefited from our scientific expertise, and now you can too. Visit now for information on how to take samples and order mail-in environmental test kits. To set up an on-site visitation (typically, Southeast MI residents only) please visit and we will promptly confirm your appointment.


  • Asbestos in building materials
  • Chinese drywall analysis
  • Chinese laminate flooring – formaldehyde emissions
  • Contaminated soil testing
  • Drinking water quality
  • Electromagnetic pulses
  • Indoor air quality
  • Lead based paint
  • Lead in soil
  • Mold survey and identification
  • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment
  • Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment
  • Radon in air
  • Radon in water
  • Sewage indicators
  • Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs
  • UFFI Insulation